Roos Roast is hiring!

Roos Roast is hiring!

Roos Roast - Free Speech Coffee SEEKS KILLER BARISTA! Do you have what it takes to work at RoosRoast, the place where you will need to discuss origins of coffee, the story behind our 1957 Metro Van, say hello to three people who just walked in the door, serve up a croissant, and make the most killer espresso all in one beat? They are deeply committed to Ann Arbor and its local business community, Michigan, and the people who provide the product we stand behind. And we're now looking for a few great people. Send your resume and cover letter, subject line "Killer Barista" to: [email protected]. Posted 4-17-14.

Think Local First

PO Box 7961, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104



By appointment only