Chris Good Named Think Local First Executive Director
Think Local First 2014
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Jan. 6, 2015 - The Board of Directors of Think Local First of Washtenaw County has approved the appointment of Chris Good as Executive Director, effective immediately.
Good, 35, is a longtime member of the local food and music communities with experience managing non-profit organizations. He has served as Farm Manager at Gardenworks Organic Produce and Sprouts and as President of the Board of Directors of the People’s Food Co-op. In 2013, he brought together more than 50 businesses and musicians for the “Buy Local” music video project.

Good said he plans to build on TLF’s efforts to date while working to expand involvement in key areas including the food and music industries. “I’m excited to bring my passion and skills to Think Local First and build upon the good work that’s been done by the organization promoting local, independent businesses,” Good said. “I look forward to working with the many dynamic businesses and organizations in Washtenaw County to continue to build healthy and sustainable communities rooted in strong and resilient local economies.”
Good succeeds area media executive Jud Branam, who served as interim Executive Director since May 2014. Branam will return to a role on the TLF Board of Directors.
TLF Board Chair Charlie Penner expressed the board’s gratitude to Branam for his service.
“Jud stepped up at a critical time for this organization and provided essential leadership and stability. We appreciate all that he’s done during the past few months and are confident that Chris’s appointment is the beginning of a promising new chapter for Think Local First.”
Along with promoting buy-local initiatives around key spending periods such as Buy Local Week, TLF publishes an online and printed resource guide to help buyers Think Local in their purchasing. The group also celebrates standout businesses with its annual Indie Awards, which will be celebrated with a street party in downtown Ann Arbor on June 27.
Think Local First also brings local businesses together via mixer events and participates in regular programs on topics such as the food economy and local procurement and investing. Upcoming sessions will icnlude a mixer event for Ypsilanti businesses in late January and social media training for independent businesses in February.